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Freeze – Thaw

We always are asked about freeze – thaw in our product.
Because of the void structure and the way we manufacture Percoa Slabs they work well in places where temps can drop to below 0. Just last week we hit -12 with the wind-chill putting us at -30.
This picture shows Percoa Slabs on the right and failing poured in place pervious concrete on the left.

MNDOT snow1

Urban Breakthrough: Pervious Concrete. Posted on June 24, 2011 by Dane Carlson

Here is a great video of pervious concrete in action follow the link below

Urban Breakthrough: Pervious Concrete

Pervious Concrete and ADA Compliance – Pervious Concrete: The Road Less Raveled: By Jon Hansen, Concrete Infocus

Jon Hansen writes about the places and benefits of using pervious concrete.

In the current issue of Concrete Infocus he writes on how pervious concrete fits in to the ADA compliance requirements.  The article clearly details the different elements of ADA that apply to pervious concrete.

What the National Ready Mix Concrete Association is saying about Pervious Concrete

According to the NRMCA “the proper utilization of pervious concrete is a Best Management Practice by the U.S. Environmental protection Agency(EPA) for providing first flush pollution control and stormwater management.”

Here is everything and more than you ever wanted to know about pervious concrete.

The NRMCA offers great information on pervious and other concrete applications; it is your one stop shop for information on pervious concrete.

Click the above link to download the full article in PDF.

What is Percoa– A new dance step? No! Your Backyard Solution for Clean Water

Percoa-Pre-cast pervious Concrete is specialized concrete containing reduced sand or “fines” which allows water to drain through it.
Properly installed Percoa will
* reduce storm water runoff volume
* reduce storm water runoff rate
* reduce storm water pollutants
* reduce storm water erosion

Pervious concrete, has been in use for approximately 150 years, it was not until 20 years ago that it was successfully employed in various applications in the United States (American Concrete Institute 2006). Communities have found many ways to incorporate pervious concrete into practice; such as tree protection, stormwater runoff reduction, and increased pervious area on a site (Offenberg 2005a).
SOURCE; Michael Davy
Water drains through it. It’s like a rock sponge! Percoa looks like a Rice Krispy bar or piece of natural pumice

Properly constructed Percoa surfaces are durable, low maintenance, and have a low life cycle cost.
Because of its unique properties, Percoa is rapidly gaining acceptance worldwide as an effective means to combat the damaging effects of storm water runoff and reduce pollution.

Using Percoa to filter stormwater helps prevent pollutants from being directly dumped into storm drains

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