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Blowing in the wind: Using Dust to Advertise

Element Six Media, I Love them!

As a green company we not only want to clean up our water ways,
we also want to make decisions around other aspects of our company that are
green and sustainable too.

I started reading about Element Six last year and they still
impress me with their ingenious ways of incorporating green products into advertising.

Here is a sample of one of their dust designs,

Please check out their website for more examples of what happens
when creativity is paired with sustainability.

Works of Art from Element Six Media

My favorite Green Advertiser in MPLS

Element Six  is my favorite green media company, they  provide a green alternative to traditional advertising and branding communications through the use of sustainable resources. They Reshape resources like snow, sand, flora and water.  Sustainable resources are vital to our well-being. Element Six Media seeks to demonstrate the viability to embrace ecologically responsible decisions while meeting the strategic communication needs of today’s consumer. ” (Source: Element Six)

 I love the idea of using sustainable, biodegradable products in advertising. Because PERCOA is a green company we want to advertise in a way that reflects our values.

 Check out their website to see why I love it!

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