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Announcing- New News for Percoa

Percoa is excited to announce that we have found a reputable, quality controlled Company to manufacture Percoa Slabs.

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Stormwater Management Assistance Minnesota – Minnesota Pollution Control

“Wastewater and stormwater financial assistance

Managing wastewater and stormwater is important for the health and safety of any community. It can also make a difference to a community’s growth potential and environmental value, in terms of attracting new businesses, new residents, and additional visitors. Financing for wastewater and stormwater projects is available for public entities.

This following fact sheet offers a guide for researching financial options. Examine the requirements for each program and see if your entity qualifies. If so, contact the funding agency as the first step toward an affordable solution that protects health and safety while enhancing your community.”

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Problems Created by Stormwater Runnoff

Stormwater runoff carries pollutants into water systems. While large volumes of water cause erosion.

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Precast Pervious Concrete Patent -construction


Percoa USA, LLC Receives Patent for Pre-cast Pervious Concrete

Percoa is ready to license its patented technology for manufacturing pre-cast pervious concrete products. Percoa pre-cast pervious concrete slabs and pavers are in demand as a green infrastructure solution for stormwater management.

Percoa Featured in DyNAMC Magazine’s New Women Inaugural Annual Issue

It is an honor to have been chosen to be featured in DyNAMAC Magazine, August 2014 Issue.

According to their press release ” the current freedoms women enjoy are due to the struggles and persecutions endured by those who came first. Though women have progressed considerably, there is still much to be done.

Featured women continue the tradition of passion, perseverance, and service as they continue blazing new trails for the next generation of female leaders.”

This is a wonderful magazine featuring women who are changing the way the world works. Follow this link to their Press Release and Full Issue.

Percoa USA is featured on page #54

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Pervious concrete increases land use and reduces project costs

According to Concrete Smart Brief

When planning stormwater runoff management, pervious concrete is one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Best Management Practices. Its use can eliminate the need for retention ponds or other mitigating elements and this increases the amount of usable land and reduces project costs.

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Green Materials Report: Permeable Concrete

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