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Interesting Water Basics groundwater, surface water, hydrology by The University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Article Credit to and Full article at UNLEDU

It’s a worn-out phrase to say that ‘water is the lifeblood of the state,’ but it is worn out because it is true.”

Long Pine Creek

Long Pine Creek

Although the above words were spoken in the early 1990s by then-Nebraska Governor Ben Nelson, they are still very true today.

Water is vital to Nebraska.  In fact, groundwater provides approximately 85 percent of the water used for human consumption in Nebraska.

With approximately half of the state’s cropland under irrigation (see brief history of irrigation in Nebraska), agriculture, by far, is the leading consumer of water.”

Take the Time to Support Other Local Businesses

As a small business Percoa USA recognizes the need to support  local and small businesses. Whenever you and your Facebook business page share other businesses information you are helping local companies while boosting our economy. You never know who within your groups might need the services they are providing. I encourage all of you to share business posts to your page and to go to the business page and like it. I am sharing Ryan Becker’s company Unlimited Concrete Concepts and Grace and Corazon    by Anne Kruse de Jongh They are two totally different companies with unique niches.

Check them out and share on your own page!!

K.T. & Brett


MN aging infrastructure is failing, Documentary Liquid Assets Minnesota

Credit to Liquid Assets Minnesota TPT

This program explores concerns about Minnesota’s aging water infrastructure. Many drinking water systems, sanitary sewers and storm sewers throughout the state are rapidly approaching the end of their useful life, so communities of all sizes are trying to come up with ways to replace these vital utilities that are routinely taken for granted
Original Broadcast: 12/04/2011


KARE 11 and Simply Science Percoa Slabs

Here is the link to the KARE 11 segment on Percoa







Percoa USA on KARE 11 tonight 6pm 4/4/13

Learn about Percoa tonight on KARE 11 with Laura Betker on Simply Science at 6pm


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