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Low Impact Development (LID) and Percoa

Andy Youngs writes about what LID is:

What is Low Impact Development?

“As our communities develop, the amount of impervious surfaces –roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and rooftops –increases, and a greater percentage of rainfall flows off the landscape as stormwater runoff, rather than seeping into the ground. Stormwater runoff picks up pollutants–including car oil, lawn fertilizers, pesticides, pet waste, and trash–and carries these pollutants to our waterways and ocean. The increased volume and velocity of runoff flowing off of impervious surfaces can also erode our creeks and rivers.

LID is gaining popularity as a better approach to stormwater management that seeks to control stormwater at the source, using small-scale integrated site design and management practices to mimic the site’s natural hydrology. LID techniques include using permeable pavements, rain gardens, rain barrels, grassy swales, soil amendments, and native plants. Preserving natural vegetation and natural drainage patterns are also important LID tools. LID techniques can help development meet water resource protection goals and requirements, while providing benefits to developers, property owners, and communities.”

LID at Birch Island Woods

LID, Birch Island Woods

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