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Why Hiring the Right IT Consultant Matters

Recently a colleague of mine was lamenting about the problems their small business ran into while trying to start their business IT (Information Technology) network. Don’t you just buy a computer and hookup to the internet, I asked? No, there is much more that goes into starting up any business. Here are a few of the things you need to think about before you try to do it yourself and why it may be  a huge benefit to hire someone to set up your office IT for you.

  1. Time and money; if you are not skilled in IT, paying someone who has those skills will save you both in the long run.
  2. Will you or do you have a paid IT person on staff? Do you plan on that person supplying all your IT needs or do they need backup? Is outsourcing your IT needs a more cost-effective avenue?
  3. Will you want or need remote access for problems above your skill level?

Because my colleague did not think about their IT needs ahead of time they ended up doubling their initial cost by the time they finished. That included computers that were not set up to meet the needs of the company, adding programs that they needed to run a successful business and updating programs that were outdated because the company had grown faster than they expected. If they consulted Peter Jobst before they started they would have begun on the right path. Peter is an expert in helping small to large companies build the IT that they need.

Jobst Consulting helps you get the best services while supplying the consulting services to deploy and maintain your IT infrastructure. You save money on hosting services, enterprise level server hardware, desktops and laptops, high-speed internet services, software licensing, full time personnel and much more.

When it was time for my company to start building our IT we went with Jobst Consulting because they believe that all companies should have access to the same technologies and advancements that large corporations do without having to maintain a staff of engineers to manage their network. They believe that you should be able to get the best deals on hardware as if you had direct access to the re-sellers like the large corporations do. As a growing company this was both a financial and time-saving benefit to us. Check out their website for more information on how to hire the best IT consultants for your business.

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