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Give Back: Why social and local support is necessary.

When we started building our business model, one of the things on our priority list was being socially responsible. Brett and I talked in length about where, when and how we wanted to give back; do we wait until we hit a certain dollar amount? Do we wait until we hit a certain sales goal? In these conversations we keep coming back to the same question, what is a financially suitable starting point? If we base social responsibility on money or sales when would we ever have enough to start?

In the end we decided that being socially responsible was not dependent on sales numbers or dollar amounts. Beginning with our first sale we desided to  give a percentage back to the local watershed in the city where Percoa is installed. As time goes on we will be adding another percentage that goes into the pot for employees to make donations from. Brett and I have been blessed with amazing opportunities and we would not be where we are today without the support of friends, family and colleagues. As we are entrenched in this holiday season remember that social responsibility is not dependent on a price, it is dependent on the will to do and be better.

Cheers to all the many people who do for others not only during the holidays but every day of the year.

K.T. and Brett

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