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Lafarge promotes sustainability

Lafarge sells and produces cement and ready- mixed concrete among other things. They supply companies such as ours with the raw materials to produce Percoa. It is great to see that they are serious about sustainability.

This was recently written and posted on the Concrete SmartBrief  information page “One such leader is Lafarge, which says on its North America website, that sustainable construction involves reducing a building’s impact throughout its life, while “controlling cost and preserving aesthetics and comfort.”

The company now devotes about half of its R&D investments to sustainable construction. It has a research center which is the first laboratory in the world devoted entirely to building materials and it works on both improving existing products and developing new ones both better and more friendly to the environment.

A major thrust in Lafarge’s efforts is partnering with universities and research centers, sharing knowledge and expertise. (SOURCE Korky Koroluk an Ottawa-based freelance writer)


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