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Looking for a Green Weed Control Solution?


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August 2011
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I love to garden, I hate to weed. I would rather spend time with my family.

                                                            I finally found a green solution to my weed problem.

                                                                           No chemicals, no herbicides

                                                                                What is that solution you ask… Percoa! 

Percoa has a patented keyway system that prevents weeds from growing between your pavers. Less weeding leads to more time spent on enjoyment of your garden or landscaping verses maintenance.

Natural and chemical free, Percoa is a  

Percoa allows water to percolate right through it for better moisture control throughout your garden.

Using Percoa in your landscaping and garden projects saves time, offers more design options, as Percoa pavers can butt right up to and around your plants, shrubs and trees. This Gives you more time to enjoy your garden rather than weeding it.

Percoa comes in many colors and sizes one is perfect for your project. Call or email us today to receive a free estimate.

Percoa Inc. 2610 Marshall St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55418

Brett 612-708-9961 and K.T. 952-261-5112

Looking for a weeding solution

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