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What the National Ready Mix Concrete Association is saying about Pervious Concrete

According to the NRMCA “the proper utilization of pervious concrete is a Best Management Practice by the U.S. Environmental protection Agency(EPA) for providing first flush pollution control and stormwater management.”

Here is everything and more than you ever wanted to know about pervious concrete.

The NRMCA offers great information on pervious and other concrete applications; it is your one stop shop for information on pervious concrete.

Click the above link to download the full article in PDF.

What is a rain garden?

What is a rain garden?.

Local business takes measures to keep our water ways clean!

Check out The Woof Room

As you know clean water is my passion, so I love it when I find local businesses that are doing their part to protect our water ways. If I had a dog I would check them out. Support local, support clean water.



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