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Why Stormwater Management is important to you


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July 2011
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Stormwater is not just the result of rainstorms, it is made up of water from precipitation events including rain and snow, but it is also caused from the runoff produced while watering your lawn. In downtown and urban areas this problem is more of an issue due to larger impervious surfaces such as roads, parking lots and buildings.  These impervious surfaces do not drain like sand and soil.

Why this is a problem

Hardscapes such as parking lots which are impervious, direct large amounts of water across their surfaces into a common path, leading to flooding, erosion and change in waterways.

Pervious surfaces (soil, sand and Percoa) send the water directly into the ground where it lands.

 This process

  1. slows down erosion by cutting water velocity from rain events
  2. keeps water on site rather than directing it into a common path, which causes flash flooding
  3. protects waterways from large dumping’s of stormwater, which triggers flooding due to excess water in the system

Why this is important to you

Water is a precious commodity and we cannot live without it. Changing waterways course changes ecosystems. Polluted runoff pollutes groundwater. Flooding and pollutants cause weed invasions in lakes, streams and rivers.

Effective Stormwater management is a vital step in protecting our precious commodity, water.

Using Percoa as your stormwater management plan benefits not only you but our water systems as well.

Water is life’s master and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.

 Albert Szent-Gyoryi

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