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How do soccer and water quality fit together?


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July 2011
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As I sat and watched the Eden Prairie Cup Soccer Tournament this weekend, I realized how much I take water for granted. The U16 boys played at the Eden Prairie High School Fields on Friday, in 90 degree heat, thankfully they had set up the sports watering system for all the players. I also filled a large cooler with ice to help keep them cool during the game.

We use water on a daily, possibly hourly rate but how often do we think about where it comes from or the quality? The City of Eden Prairie provides drinking water to residents from a groundwater source. This includes groundwater wells ranging from 379 to 420-feet deep that draw water from the Jordan and Prairie Du Chien-Jordan aquifers. SOURCE: City of Eden Prairie In order for drinking water quality to remain high, the ground water quality needs to be high also. You can help reduce pollutants by keeping your water on site and by refraining from adding chemicals to your yard as they seep into the ground water.
We are connected to each other and our environment through our water systems.
As the great soccer player Pele said “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying and sacrifice”
Protecting our water sources is no different.
When we work together we can make a difference!

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