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Three more days until the 4th of July!


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July 2011
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For me that means spending time on Prior Lake with family and friends.
Having grown up on water I have a deep appreciation for all of our water systems and I want to keep them clean, not only for myself but for my children as well.

Here are a few tips to help keep our water clean.

Pick up yard waste;

Grass and other vegetation in waterways, adds excess phosphorus, creating algae blooms.
As algae die and decay, oxygen in the water is depleted and water quality declines. Fish and other aquatic organisms may be negatively impacted. (SOURCE John Moncrief, University of Minnesota)

Never dump wastes into a storm drain. Storm sewers run directly to rivers and lakes.

Plant a rain garden, use a rain barrel to catch water from your roof, consider using permeable pavement in your driveway – runoff that stays on your property will not wash contaminants into streams and other surface waters

Don’t use the lake as a bathtub. Soaps and shampoos contain nutrients and pollutants that are harmful to the lake and organisms living in it

We all love our lakes; let’s do our part to keep them clean!

******Have a great, safe 4th of July*****

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