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“Why use Percoa?”

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), about 90 percent of surface pollutants are carried by the first 1-1/2 inch of rainfall.

Storm water drains don’t typically channel this polluted runoff to treatment facilities, but instead convey it directly into local water bodies.
Polluted runoff, if not diverted, ends up in our waterways along with water that is heated as it flows over paved surfaces and into the watershed.
The concern being that temperature change in a stream or lake can harm aquatic plants and wildlife.

The use of pervious concrete (Percoa)is widely accepted as an effective material to capture, filter and disperse storm water runoff and is among the Best Management Practices (“BMPs”) recommended by the EPA as well as by other agencies

Percoa’s proprietary, patent-pending products can be used for…
new construction or retro-fitting existing concrete or asphalt surfaces such as
storm water runoff basins
parking lots
and many other applications where water runoff is a concern.

Percoa combats the harmful effects of pollution entering the water supply, and helps reduce temperature changes.

Use it for your next project!
PERCOA because clean water is a global responsibility

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