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Stormwater management: not just for large corporations

The dialog surrounding stormwater management tends to mainly surround the corporate realm but as individuals who also contribute to pollution we carry a responsibility as well.

Lawn waste flowing into storm drains directly affects lakes, streams and rivers.

Here is an interesting post on individual responsibility this entry was posted by Adriana Noton

To Seriously Thwart Water Contamination, The Storm Water Management Needs A Higher Priority

Give Back: Why social and local support is necessary.

When we started building our business model, one of the things on our priority list was being socially responsible. Brett and I talked in length about where, when and how we wanted to give back; do we wait until we hit a certain dollar amount? Do we wait until we hit a certain sales goal? In these conversations we keep coming back to the same question, what is a financially suitable starting point? If we base social responsibility on money or sales when would we ever have enough to start?

In the end we decided that being socially responsible was not dependent on sales numbers or dollar amounts. Beginning with our first sale we desided to  give a percentage back to the local watershed in the city where Percoa is installed. As time goes on we will be adding another percentage that goes into the pot for employees to make donations from. Brett and I have been blessed with amazing opportunities and we would not be where we are today without the support of friends, family and colleagues. As we are entrenched in this holiday season remember that social responsibility is not dependent on a price, it is dependent on the will to do and be better.

Cheers to all the many people who do for others not only during the holidays but every day of the year.

K.T. and Brett

Percoa’s Setting up Shop

Our journey is beginning as we set up shop!

Two years ago Percoa was an idea

Today Percoa is a reality

Watch out world here comes clean water!

Blowing in the wind: Using Dust to Advertise

Element Six Media, I Love them!

As a green company we not only want to clean up our water ways,
we also want to make decisions around other aspects of our company that are
green and sustainable too.

I started reading about Element Six last year and they still
impress me with their ingenious ways of incorporating green products into advertising.

Here is a sample of one of their dust designs,

Please check out their website for more examples of what happens
when creativity is paired with sustainability.

Works of Art from Element Six Media

Killer video on Pervious Concrete

If you haven’t seen pervious in action here is an amazing
video that was shot in Colorado.

One of the most asked questions that we get about pervious
concrete is,

“can it be used in cold climates?”

the answer is yes!

This is a great article,
with a great visual element: watch and see the beauty of pervious pavements.

Read the full article at Western Colorado Conservation Corps

Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are so proud and excited to be a part of the Birch Island
Woods project.

This project has been in the works for a long time with many
people putting in time and expertise to create a nature area that will be accessible
to everyone.

Percoa slabs will filter the pollutants out of the water landing
on the parking area and driveway, with the added benefit of filtering the
groundwater re-charges. Filtering will help protect and maintain the
environmental balance in the nature area.

We will keep the up-dates coming

Follow this link to The Friends of Birch Island Woods
website  to learn more about the
beautiful area.

The beginning of the Birch Island Woods Project/ getting ready for Percoa

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